Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look away, Joshua...

Just look away.  We all hate to find things like this in the fridge, right?  My husband... It pains him.  Of course, there are plenty of salvageable green onions there.  I'm not tossing those.  Just apologizing to them. Unfortunately, the spinach underneath is beyond revival.  

For better or worse, I can usually chalk this kind of loss up to a busy couple of weeks (including nightly swim team practice for my oldest daughter, right at dinner time), and good intentions gone awry.  I am glad to buy fresh food for my family, and I love to cook it, but dang if there just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.  "Especially now that you're blogging."  Someone's thinking that, right?

Well, today is grocery shopping day, and when I hit the store later, I'll be armed with a menu for the next week or so.  Seems like common sense, yet it's one of those Super Mom strategies I rarely put into practice.  I also bought this new cookbook for support in keeping it simple.  One stop shopping!  One of my faults in the kitchen is over-lofty meal plans, imagining more time than actually exists, ending up stressed and at a loss for patience at meal time (when we could really use it the most 'round here).  I plan to use the recipes in this book as a jumping off point -- not gonna stress about following to a tee.  I'm super-excited about the minuscule 'prep' and 'cooking times' alongside most of these recipes, too.  Stay tuned!  I will share adapted recipes.