Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Larry

Larry enjoys stink bugs, wet roots and long days in the hot sun.

Larry is a pitcher plant, and goshdarnit, I love him. I feel a real affinity for this thing. This guy. This... thing.  This PLANT! I bought him his very own Target brand distilled water.  FYI pitcher plants prefer distilled or rain water because the minerals in tap water piss them off.  And they like, especially, to sit in it all day long, every day, watered from the bottom.  Slow growing, Larry is already three years old.  We brought him home from the Green Spring Gardens annual plant sale (btw, if you live in NoVA, GO TO THIS.  Every year in May. It's  totally worth it.)  Rare plants, native plants; all the plants you need.

I really enjoy having him around.  He's different.  Maybe he makes me feel a little bit special. Odd.  Or unique.  I don't know.  I also think it's good for the kids to be exposed to elements of life that are new and different and interesting.  I love hearing Ingrid tell me that, "MOM, Larry is thirsty!"  Plus, he really does eat the stink bugs in our sunroom.  Pretty bad ass, right?  Larry is hard core.