Friday, June 3, 2011


Photos by Susan B. Anderson and from Susan B. Anderson's Ravelry page for this pattern.

I will be knitting the Frog and Turtle reversible toy from Susan B. Anderson's book, Itty Bitty Toys.  Highly recommended -- It's got projects for all levels and attention spans.  I've never knit a reversible, and all the toys I've done so far have been pretty simple, so this will be an adventure in stick-to-it-edness for me.  And I've got to stick to it because it's for Malcolm's birthday, coming up at the end of July.

Each time I sit down with a project, he asks, "Is that for me?"  It sort of breaks my heart when I tell him no.  SO, I let him peruse this sweet little book, and I told him, "Pick anything you want. I'll knit it for your birthday!" Is he spoiled because he's so supremely adorable?  Yes.  Was I over-estimating my knitting prowess?  Probably also yes.

However, I will not underestimate the power of inspiration:  At this very moment, Malcolm is outside in the backyard with me.  Older sister in school, younger sister napping.  He's got a wooden sword sticking out of an elastic belt worn around faded p.j. pants, tucked into cowboy boots.  He's lean, and his t-shirt sort of hangs off one shoulder, and, hopping around like only three year olds can do, his right hand battles the left... Right brandishing the wooden sword against imagined, though none-the-less sinister, baddies.  Supremely adorable.  I am delighted to put time and effort into a handmade gift for this boy.  He will love it, and give it life.  He deserves it. 

And, just because I am totally smitten, I am editing this post on Sunday to include another picture, taken today at a totally sweet birthday party:

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