Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fruit Salad Cones

Ingrid's end of the season soccer party was Friday night.  I was charged with fruit salad, and I was skeptical.  What kind of fruit salad will a bunch of 5-6-7 year old kids choose to eat with their pizza -- actually stop running around and eat?  The kind they can keep running around with!

agave nectar
granulated sugar
lemon juice
whipped cream
waffle cones

Super easy.  Chop the strawberries, mix with blueberries.  Amount depends upon your crowd, and throw in whatever fruit is in season and/or preferred.  Drizzle with a little agave nectar; start with maybe 1 Tablespoon.  Taste it; drizzle some more.  Not too much!  Sprinkle just a little granulated sugar on top (or skip this step, if you prefer). Toss in a little lemon juice for freshness.

Here's the cool part, the part that was cool enough that -by golly- each of those little soccer players got at least one good serving of fruit in that day: spoon this awesomeness right into those sugar cones, and top with chilled whipped cream (from a can if you're busy like me... or you can make your own if you're an over-achiever!).  It was a hit with grown-ups and children alike: I meant to take a picture of a completed cone, but none of them lasted long enough.  Chilling the fruit for a few hours or even freezing it would be yummy, too.

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