Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gluten-free Corn Dogs!

I wonder if they serve these at the Texas State Fair? If not, they should.  I keep an eye on gluten-free recipes and am just beginning to try my hand at adapting some of our favorites, mostly on account of Malcolm's skin issues, but I think we could all benefit from less wheat.  This article is a good introduction to gluten sensitivities.  They can run the gamut from irritation to complete intolerance, known as celiac disease.

Thanks to a suggestion from my brother and a little reading on the subject, we cut common allergens and irritants from Mal's diet, and were rewarded with near-immediate skin success!  He'd had rough, red, angry, angry knees, and patches on his feet and arms that would sometimes crack and bleed.  They made him cry.  We treated with EVERY CREAM you can imagine, two, three times a day.  Steroidal creams like cortisones would help, but longtime use of those things can actually thin one's skin, not to mention offer a few other undesirable effects.  Sometimes it would subside, treating with just the heavy-duty Origins cream (expensive!) and neosporin, but as soon as I forgot a treatment, it would come roaring back.  SO... now we simply limit a few of those common allergens, especially dairy and wheat, and we all reap the benefits.  A little note: Dr. Sears lists fish as a a possible culprit, but we do NOT limit that.  We eat fatty fish at least once a week, as the Omega-3 fatty acids are, I believe, actually good for dry skin.

Anyway, who doesn't love a corn dog?  I'm definitely going to give these guys a try.  Malcolm (along with most 3 year old boys, I'm sure) loves anything served up on a sword...

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