Wednesday, June 8, 2011

buzz buzz buzz

Most people aspire to finish a baby's nursery sometime before the Big Day.  Bea's (mostly) finished room was (sort of) a first birthday present.  

One of my favorite special touches is this set of framed bees, above her crib.  I bought several hand-inked, stamped gift tags from The Perfect Loop, at the Etsy shop for their paper.  (They also create beautiful jewelry.)  ...Less than $5...  I borrowed some 3D stickers from one of Ingrid's craft kits and stuck the little buzzers to scrap book paper I got from Michaels... about $2.  It doesn't come through in the pics, but the paper is embossed with little polka dots, which compliment the dots on her crib bumper, not pictured.  Stuck those puppies into a few 2.5'' square Ribba frames... $4 ea., and BAM:

All done, for under $25.  

There are some other sweet little touches *coughFINALLYcough* coming together in Bea's room, too: curtains for the French doors, dandelion wall decals and I'm almost ready to repaint and sew cushions for a cute little set of wicker chairs w/ table, that my folks found at a yard sale.  Sweet.  Maybe I'll finish the room before she outgrows the crib?


  1. Thanks so much for your blog post and the links! :) I so love what you did with the tags :) Very creative, and so sweet.

  2. Thank you! And, of course -- I love what y'all are doing. I looked for just the right bee before I found your Etsy shop :-)