Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knitting workshop

Photo from Nelkin Designs.  Pattern available here.
Yesterday, I got to attend a 5 hour beaded lace/knitting workshop at my favorite yarn shop.  5 HOURS, you say?  Yup.  But it goes quickly, knitting and learning a new skill. Aside from beading lace, I can finally read lace charts!  Woot!  And I got a solid start on this shawl by designer (and workshop leader) Laura Nelkin.  It's called Entomology -- if you look really closely, those are little dragonflies.  The ones along the edges have beaded wings and bodies, so they shimmer and provide some really beautiful detail on an already lovely little shawl.  I am absolutely in awe of people who can design patterns like this one. Amazing.  My shawl will be knit in orange Spud & Chloe Sock with iridescent red beads by Toho, size 6/0 (the pattern calls for a smaller bead, but I really wanted mine to stand out, and it's a sturdy yarn, so it ought to work out just fine).

And then there's this:

Photo from Nelkin Designs.

Laura also designs patterns for very lovely beaded/knitted jewelry. I picked up a kit containing beads and just enough yarn to complete the necklace pictured above in a blue/green colorway.  SPOILER ALERT: If you're a girl and you're my friend, you might be getting one of these for Christmas. If you're lucky ;)

(And in case you're wondering, I am still working on the reversible frog/turtle for Malcolm's birthday.  Shell and head are done on the turtle... just have to do four little legs and several appliques for the shell... then assemble. I only thought I was starting way early, back in May.  Thank goodness I did.  With a little focus, I will still be able to finish it by the 31st.)  Now focus, focus, focus...


  1. Loved having you in class Sarah! and love your blog post! Can't wait to see your Butin(s)!!!!! (and Entomology!)

  2. Thanks, Laura :-). It was really a great workshop!