Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ladybug Surprise Cupcakes

Random Tuesday cupcakery: Chocolate cupcakes...  from a mix (GASP).  Use an apple-corer (or a small spoon and a little finesse) to remove a bit from the center of each cooled cake. Save the removed piece to use like a lid.  Then, curl a little gummy worm into the hole, and cover with the "lid."

Frost generously (don't we always?) with chocolate frosting, and carefully roll the tops in crumbled Oreos for dirt.  

For the ladybugs... cut a bunch of store-bought donut holes in half, and freeze them.  They're easier to work with that way.  Melt some plain white store-bought frosting in the microwave (trying not to think about what's in there that makes it melt the way it does), and dye red with food coloring.  While it's still nice and melt-y, spear a donut hole half on a toothpick and dip!  Carefully place it in the "dirt." Repeat ad insanium.

The ladybug heads are brown M&M's. If I'd had them, I would have used mini-chocolate chips turned upside down, for the spots.  As it was, I had chocolate frosting, piped from a ziplock baggie with the corner cut... which turned out very spiky, little ladybugs.  The preschoolers who ate tore through them during Bug Days didn't mind, though.

Dig in!

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