Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recycled Shirt Dress

I love this shirt.  I got it at a thrift store in Austin, when I was probably... 18 years old?  I've worn it a lot. Up until a few weeks ago, probably.  Now, rather than wear it to pieces myself, I've decided to give Ingrid a chance to enjoy it!  Here is the only photo I could find of myself wearing it.  Both the shirt and I are so old, we did not have digital cameras or even camera phones at the time that I bought it.

Me with Ingrid c. 2006.

Shirt pieces disassembled.

Pattern pieces cut and laid out as they will be assembled.

Malcolm added some sweet armbands to his dress-up collection.

Finished product.
I mostly followed the shirt dress tutorial here, but there are a lot of recycled shirt patterns out there.  What I did differently (in addition to sizing the pattern for Ingrid's measurements; the tutorial shows how) was cut four sleeve pieces, and leave the elastic out of the sleeves for that super stylish flared look, there.  Also opted out of the contrasting fabric waistband, since I knew it would fit Ingrid more like a tunic than a dress.  This project was quick and rewarding.  A good one to help me become more comfortable with my sewing machine.  The best part is it can be completed during a baby's morning nap!

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