Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Plan

Well. Talk about a cleanse. I wrote that last post on the way home from a rich-food-filled trip to TX... Not two days later, I came down with the worst stomach flu of my life (along with the rest of the family). It took us down for a week, and hit me especially hard. Usually, I can summon that Mom Power that makes us capable of carrying on, taking care of everyone else no matter what.

Not this time.

My poor, sweet, awesome husband had to do it. Super Dad was super sick one night, went to court the next day to advocate for a child, pro-bono as Guardian ad Litem; came home early to make us all toast for dinner, and continued to plow through an immensely heavy work load. All while studying for another bar exam.

I was humbled. (And thankful!)

And now, if we can all collectively touch wood, I will tell you: We are feeling MUCH better.  My plan going forward is thus:

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie with yogurt

Lunch: Salad with hard-boiled egg

Dinner: Veggie-based, low-carb; occasional chicken or turkey
-sufficiently allowing for creativity

Snack One: Nuts
-high fat, but sustaining; fights hunger

Snack Two: Hummus & veggies

Not so revolutionary, I know. But, with reasonable portions, it keeps calorie consumption below 1200/day, achieves my goal of cutting added sugar and refined carbohydrates, is low-fat but filling with plenty of protein, and increases my raw vegetable intake with a daily salad. I'll also be limiting alcohol to special occasions.

A nice long walk/run on the treadmill and my favorite yoga video, alternating days for exercise.

This is totally doable. And totally in line with my New Year's resolution to just do what I know I ought to do. This is the "You Know What's Good for You, So Eat It" diet!

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  1. Your food plans sound great, but 1200 calories a day? I'm afraid to know how many calories I consume in a day...