Friday, January 27, 2012

Igloo Mini-Cupcakes

Did I mention cupcakes are totally part of The Plan?

Just kidding. I made these for Malcolm's preschool class. Winter Festival was this week, for which their awesome teachers even made an igloo out of milk cartons:

How cool is that?!
I decided to make some cupcakes to match.

These little guys are easy, but tedious. Te-di-ous.

I used vanilla cake mix to make 24 mini-cupcakes (this leaves leftover batter); frosted with store-bought vanilla frosting and topped with edible glitter and white sprinkles for the snow.

Next, I slapped a little frosting onto half a chocolate donut hole and placed that on top. TIP: freezing the donut holes makes them cut more smoothly and evenly.

Here's the tedious part: cutting a whole bunch of marshmallows in half. I used kitchen shears. Dabbing them in more frosting as necessary to make them stick, place the mallow halves around the donut hole half, and you've got yourself an igloo! (The final marshmallow is left whole and dipped into black gel frosting, placed as the igloo door.)

The kids loved 'em. They imagined a polar bear sleeping inside each one.

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