Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't try to fight it!

I know I can't... The urge to revitalize body and mind at the beginning of a new year: It's time for a cleanse.

This realization has less to do with resolutions and weight loss goals (though that'd be nice, too), and more with a sort of tired, sloppy malaise I can't seem to shake. I haven't practiced yoga in over a month. Haven't gone for a run in just as long, and in the past two months, I've consumed more sugar, butter and caffeine than should probably be legal.

SO... Here it is. I hearby succumb to the trend. Like so many food blogs in January, you're gonna see a lot of fruit and yogurt here. A lot of salad and nuts and broth-y soups.

I'm studying up on a few different cleansing diets, reviewing those I've practiced in the past, trying to come up with a short, practical and adaptable "back-to-basics" plan that makes sense for me, while still accommodating the fam. I'll probably (okay, definitely) toss a few free days in there to ward off desperate and furtive chocolate chip binges. If (when) I bake, a good amount of the resulting calories will be pawned off on friends and co-workers(sorry!). As usual, I'll post recipe success here.

Once the plan is a bit more solidified, I'll post that, too. We've been down in Texas all week, visiting family and celebrating a 90th birthday! (As I type, we're heading north through Alabama, toward home.) All stocked up on Texas pecans and even some Original Recipe bottled Dr. Pepper (um... to be consumed pre-Cleanse, of course). Did you know it's only sold in TX? And yes, it tastes better :-).

If you're still reading and you have any tips or tricks or super-awesome cookbooks to recommend, please leave a comment and let me know. Anybody wanna join in?

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  1. Schedule a colonoscopy...that will clease you...quick.