Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fast food

The sort of thing we eat on our busier nights.
In college, the first year Josh and I lived together, I'm not sure we ate anything BUT pasta and vegetables. We'd recently become vegetarians, as college students often do, and we were broke, as college students often are. Add to that a like, totally deep, moral opposition to the Man and McDonald's, and fast food was OUT.

Fast forward I-won't-say-how-many years, and we're not as broke, but we're definitely on a budget. I'm still slightly opposed to McDonald's, but often in need of a quick supper... Enter the old stand-by, once again (now with bacon).

The dinner pictured above is sautéed fennel and sweet onion on tricolor pasta w/ extra olive oil, fresh parsley and bacon. Basically, what was left in our fridge at the end of the week. And it was great!

This is not a recipe, but I wanted to note a couple of things here:

1. Trader Joe's (gluten-free) Brown Rice Pasta is the best. Everything else falls apart. Though, I do recommend rinsing it in cold water once it's done cooking, lest it get all gooey.

2. Fennel and bacon are awesome flavors together. Someone should put them in a scone.

What is your stand-by quick and easy supper?

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